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Pedro July 4, 2001 13:30

energy equation formulation
Hello! I started my numerical simulations with a simple geometry 2D of an indoor space. Due to the conditioning equipment used, I select the Turbulence Model KE-EP Lam & Bremhorst for low Reynolds Number to avoid the use of wall functions and the Temperature in the formulation of the energy equation to simulate the heat transfer. My doubt is in TOTAL or STATIC formulation of the equation. Can someone help me and explain the matematical difference on the terms of the two formulations of the energy equation. Thanks, Best regards,

Mike Malin July 5, 2001 12:17

Re: energy equation formulation
In general, the energy equation can be solved in many forms and PHOENICS provides for two variants, total or static. Further one might solve for the enthalpy (H1) or temperature variable (TEM1)in PHOENICS.

STATIC means PHOENICS includes built-in energy sources to account for mechanical dissipation (important for high Brinkman and Eckert numbers) and temporal/spatial compression-expansion effects (important in highly compressible and expanding flow). TOTAL means these terms are omitted from the energy equation and so what is solved is an again for the total energy.

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