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leon August 16, 2001 19:39

Carbon Monoxide Sources
I am trying to model a carpark and I need to model a carbon monoxide source. I am trying see if anyone can help me with 1. Setting up of such a source in Phoenics 3.3 2. Any information on carbon monoxide production by cars.

Thanks for your help.

Mike Malin August 17, 2001 05:40

Re: Carbon Monoxide Sources
1) Select a PHOENICS scalar variable, say C1, to solve for the mass fraction of the pollutant. Then specify by means of a fixed-flux of C1 the rate of pollutant emission at the source.

If the magnitude of emission rate is significant compared to the air flow rates, then set the mass inflow rate for the emission in the continuity equation (P1) and set the incoming value of C1 equal to unity.

2) Consult car manufacturer's data or data from motoring organisations to estimate an average fuel consumption rate for cars moving at low speeds. From knowledge of the fuel consumption, the mass fraction of any exhaust component must be known as a fraction of the fuel consumed by reference to engineering books dealing with the combustion of liquid fuels.

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