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zhengenhui September 14, 2001 23:43

how to use my own ground?
dear everyone:

I am a freshman of PHOENICS, and i want to simulate the flow behavior in the riser of CFB.

After finishing the settings on the VR-Editor , i edit my own ground.f file, what should i do in the next step and how(compile or link)?

Look forword to your help!

oh,my god! today is saturday.


Kike September 19, 2001 14:20

Re: how to use my own ground?
Dear Zheng

When you edit your Q1 file by means the VR-Editor you need to exit (saving changes) to achieve the data file "eardat".

The option BUILD -> EARTH will automatically execute your local "bldear.bat" file. "local" means this batch file which is into your actual working directory.

Modify your batch file bldear.bat (or copy it from d_earth\d_win32 for windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000) to include your "personal" ground file instead of the default option.

After that, each time you build your "earexe" you will have your personal version ready to run (if everything have been well done inside it).

The next step is to run it by: OPTIONS -> RUN VERSION -> EARTH -> PRIVATE and clicking on right hand column EARTH button.



dhandapani September 26, 2001 07:45

Re: how to use my own ground?

after setting dates,

1. save the data in vr editor.

2. open earth option for solution

3 . for 3d photon, go to file option.and press phi, xyz file and accept.

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