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luo October 7, 2001 03:43

how to visualize the result
I have got the ideal result for my problem. But i havn't the good software to deal with the data. Can you introduce some ideal software to me? Thanks luo

Mark Russell October 9, 2001 11:47

Re: how to visualize the result
To help you get a better response I would suggest you elaborate on what data you want to present and maybe what you have been studying.

That way people will have a better chance of 'seeing' your problem and hence allowing them to offer more relevant advice

Eugene October 10, 2001 06:08

Visualisation Software
Some time ago I write some post processor program for Phoenics 3.3. If you wish test it, please send me e-mail.

luo October 10, 2001 08:14

Re: how to visualize the result
Dear Mark Russell, Thanks a lot for your advice! The data what i want to wisualize is the sectors such as Pressure, K, and E. I want to visualize them by Isolines. Regards Luo

Mark Russell October 10, 2001 10:34

Re: how to visualize the result
Hi Luo,

Since you are adding your question here I am assuming you are using PHOENICS. You are probably aware that PHOENICS itself has post-processing capabilities via the VR Viewer, PHOTON and AUTOPLOT. Are these of any value to you? I have also started to use the post-processor 'Fieldview' as it also has the ability to read PHOENICS data and present a graphic display of the results. I am sure there must be other third party post-processors also that can do this. Naturally before purchasing I would advise that you contact the vendors to establish that their capabilities meet your needs.

Hope this helps.

leon October 10, 2001 20:37

Re: how to visualize the result
Dear Luo,

Have a look at the VR Viewer. It can show isolines for all of the variables you mention.


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