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BOB October 9, 2001 13:41

please please can someone advise me. I am about to start a final year project where i am going to to test some flat plates in a 2d cascade test rig then compare the results using phoenics. I have no CFD experience, therefore where do i start etc...

many thanks in advance.


David Glynn November 7, 2001 12:54

Here's some basic advice:

(1) use BFCs, (2) model 1 (or perhaps better 2) plates, (3) arrange coordinates so X-cartesian is the cyclic direction, and direct the i-coordinate in the X-cartesian direction, (4) make the j-coordinate the flow direction, (5) locate the cyclic boundary half-way between an adjacent pair of plates, rather than on a plate (this is not necessary, but makes life easier), (6) arrange for a suitably fine grid in regions where you expect things to be happening, (7) use the GCV solver, with not much relaxation.

It should work fine!!

I am currently doing a similar application here at Flowsolve, and am not encountering any problems.

Good luck!!

David Glynn

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