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Matt October 10, 2001 16:39

Outputting a XY-plane of data
Hello, I am running a simulation, and I need PHOENICS to dump to the results file the calculated data at one particular XY-plane for the variables TMP1, TMP2, C1, R1, and R2. The plane of interest is on a Y-grid line, if that helps (one that divides the y-axis into divisions). Does anyone have an economical way of doing this besides dumping all of the calculated data to the results file?

Thanks in advance,


sun October 10, 2001 22:19

Re: Outputting a XY-plane of data
Can you tell me what you want to do in details?

Mark Russell October 11, 2001 08:22

Re: Outputting a XY-plane of data
A little while ago I wrote a FORTRAN routine that reads the data of the PHI file to do a similar thing to what you want. This routine could find the value of individual variables at specific points, show data such as what you need, or do some simple analysis, find highest, lowest, average etc and write this to a text file.

I wrote the code to help ME and hence it was configured to specifically undertake some work based on my problems. i.e. it is not a generic data reader and the code reflects my needs.

For instance I was working with structured co-ordinates and essentially two dimensional problems. I did extend it to three dimensions but can't recall its current status with this regard.

I suggest you post a few more details of what you need the code to do and in the meantime I will look at my code to see if can match your requirements.

If it seems promising we can then talk further.

Matt October 11, 2001 09:58

Re: Outputting a XY-plane of data
I am trying to sort through the data of a simulation with the following attributes. #X-cells: 33 #Y-cells: 17 #Z-cells: 24

It is a 2-phase simulation, and I solve for: P1, P2, U1, U2, V1, V2, W1, W2, R1, R2, H1, H2, and C1.

I store these additional variables: PRPS, TMP1, LTLS, WDIS, and TMP2.

The data that I am trying to get is for a XZ-plane located at the junction of the 6th and 7th cells along the y-axis. So that would be the data from 1 XZ-plane which is made up of 33 X-cells and 24 Z-cells.

The data I would like to pick out of that plane are: TMP1, TMP2, C1, R1, and R2. After that I need to do some additional calculations, but if I can get the data into a format that is managable, then I can manipulate the data to a form that suits my analysis, either through a custom program or spreadsheet.

The way I see it, I have 3 choices:

1) Do the data retrevial by hand through VR_Viewer. 2) Print out all my data for each cell to the results file and go from there by hand. 3) Write a program to do the data conversion for me.

Option 1 sounds like suicide to me, but is possible. Option 2 I do not know how to do, but I am working on that now, since I should be able to fairly easily figure that out. Option 3 would be the best way to go, except I do not know the format of the Phi file, and the learning curve would eat up precious time.

If more detail than that is needed, let me know. Thanks,


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