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Liouskos Jiannis October 16, 2001 12:33

one phase flow within a pipe
Hello everyone. I would like to simulate an upward flow within a pipe. I have worked in VR editor and the setting are Domain;(111)steel Blockage;water(20deg,1 atm) inflow;2 m/s

My question is why the pressure label is increasing within the pipe and although i have negative prices in the Viewer the arrows show upwards(both pressure and velocity). Do i have done wrong in the settings?(external pressure,initial values?) Do i have to work in q1?

Thank you in advance

Liouskos Jiannis

guanjian October 16, 2001 21:25

Re: one phase flow within a pipe

I think you are useing a stand pipe in your simulation.Do you consider the gravity?If it isn't true,you'd like to use a horizontal pipe.

Welcome you give me more details.

Liouskos Jiannis October 17, 2001 05:35

Re: one phase flow within a pipe

Yes,i would like to consider gravity and wall friction as well. Please, send me a detailed guidness to activate those parameters. Thank you for yous response.

Liouskos Jiannis

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