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Bryan Lam December 4, 2001 01:29

About parallel in phoenics
Are there some default commands provided by cham inc. which could be used to run parallel computation? Say for muti-processors or clusters?

Peter Spalding December 4, 2001 11:15

Re: About parallel in phoenics
PHOENICS can be run on dual-processor pc's and multi-processor pc-networks (as well as UNIX). For PC's CHAM supports both Windows- and LINUX-based clusters.

Details of PHOENICS-3.4 are posted on:

The Winter 2001 newsletter, which will be posted shortly on CHAM's web site will contain more information.

Contact for further information.

I hope this helps you.

Kike December 6, 2001 12:55

Re: About parallel in phoenics
Dear Bryan

What kind of "commands" are you interest into? What do you want do do in parallel phoenics?

Do you have parallel version or are you trying to run sequential PHOENICS version in a parallel mode?



Bryan Lam December 8, 2001 09:36

Re: About parallel in phoenics
Dear Kike

In fact i want to know if there are some provided commands for users to run paralle mode in Phoenics, if not we'll program some codes by ourselvies to realize it. Would you pls give me some advices?

Best regards. Bryan

Kike December 9, 2001 19:06

Re: About parallel in phoenics
Dear Bryan

CHAM has a parallel version of PHOENICS (3.2 for Linux machines). If you want to run parallel executions of PHOENICS you should try with it (contact CHAM).

Otherwise, if you are interested into run sequential PHOENICS version in parallel mode, you will need a lot of knowledge about parallel protocols and PHOENCIS.

I've been trying (after MPI-1.2 release) by using SPAWN functions but I stopped because I have other things to do.

If I go back on this issue I will post messages here for help.



Bryan Lam December 12, 2001 01:05

Re: About parallel in phoenics
Dear Kike:

Thanks for your information.

In fact, since the LAN of us is consisted with almost windows or winnt operating system, so i want a version of parallel phoenics in windows. Now i'm trying to learn parallel protocols and its' use in phoenics, just a beganning, hehe.

Best regards.


Zeng December 27, 2001 01:54

Re: About parallel in phoenics
Parallized PHOENICS is not as good as we have imaged. In fact, we have bought parallized PHOENICS for more than half a year, we have to resort sequential PHOENICS to solve our problem due to bug in PHOENICS.

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