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Joachim Hülstrung January 2, 2002 19:29

2ph-Masstransfer and wallfunction at walls?
Dear all.

I investigate the fluid flow of liquid steel in a tundish. The simulation is a multiphase-problem (IPSA), because undesired particles with a diameter of about 50 microns flotate within the liquid steel (draglaw with CFIPS=Grnd7). The simulation uses the standard turbulence model with standard wall function approach at the walls. This wall function is set for the velocities of the first and the second phase. But now my problem: An additional Groundroutine (selfwritten) describes the masstransfercoefficient only for the second phase (particles) caused by agglomeration at the wall. This is realized with the local turbulent and local velocity variables at this wall. But i ask myself now, whether there is a conflict between on the one side, the wall function, which sets the velocity at the wall to zero, and on the other side, the mass-transport through the wall, which is activated in Q1 by an additional source-term in Group 13 (decribed as P2,Fixflu,Grnd).

Can anyone give me his opinion about this problem or does anyone know a better way to solve masstransfer for the second phase despite the wall function description?

Much regards

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