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pangpang January 25, 2002 23:22

some questions on using unsteady code
Dear all, when I do some simulations using transicent code, something puzzled me. Two method I used in the simulations. 1. setting steady=F, and then defining the duration time, the time steps, for example, total duration time is 100s, and number of time steps is 10, and then run the simulations; 2.divide all 100s into 10 parts, run the first time step first till convergency, and then using the result of the first time step as intional conditions, and so on. am I right doing so? if right, why it's easier to get the convergency results by the second method than the first one? can anyone could give any suggestions on simulating of the transcient cases? does it need to convergence each step or only to only give the total number of interations in each time step simply?


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