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Yiannis January 30, 2002 09:33

Help in Photon
I ve made a simulation (3D flow around Building) and I have the files 3D.phi, 3D.pat and 3D.res.

I order to load this case in Photon, I put this files in D_PHOTON dir and then load Photon and choose to load phi file, where I write: *3D.phi

Photon seems to load the file.

The problem is that I don't know how to see the objects of my simulation in the screen. I only manage to see some vectors or streamlines etc.

What is that xyz file?

What does *.pat and *.res files do?

I want to be able to see my simulation in Photon (like in Phoenics VR) in order to plot some results (streamlines etc).....

Please help....

Mike Malin January 31, 2002 08:37

Re: Help in Photon
PHOTON predates VR and so you cannot view the objects in PHOTON. The best you can do is to dispaly a crude outline of the geometry by loading the patgeo file (*.pat file). From the command line of PHOTON you would type USE 3D.PAT and then a crude outline of the geometry should be displayed.

The XYZ file is a file that contains the position vector of the all the grid corner coordinates, and it is only produced by PHOENICS runs with BFC=T (Body-fitted coordinates).

The file 3D.RES is the PHOENICS RESULT file. This contains input data printout, field variable printout, nett source printout for the equations solved, and convergence-behaviour printout in respect of residual errors for the solved equations and changes in dependent variables with sweep at a monitored grid point.

Yiannis February 2, 2002 05:58

Re: Help in Photon
Thanks a lot

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