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PattiMichelle January 31, 2002 14:19

How to run example cases
Hi Again:

I am interested in running c205, c209, c306, & c309 and playing with the PIL. Where in the docs is a step-by-step running these (correct me if I am wrong, but these cases won't run in the VR-Editor)?


Mike Malin February 5, 2002 13:09

Re: How to run example cases
The ESCRS (Extended Chemically-Reacting System) and CHEMKIN cannot be safely run through the VR Editor at present. These cases pre-date the VR Editor, and the only documentation on the ESCRS is given at:

Recently, I managed to run ESCRS library cases C308 and C302 through the VR Editor by following the procedure given below. My guess is that it will work for other ESCRS cases.

The procedure is to run the ESCRS case through the VR editor and then save the files in the VR Editor. Next, edit the Q1 file so as to place all the ESCRS commands after the STOP statement in the VR Q1 file. One problem I observed is that the VR Editor eliminates H2 from the original Satellite Q1 because it believes this is the 2nd phase enthalpy (needed only when ONEPHS=F) rather than the hydrogen mass fraction. I think the same problem happens when CHEMKIN cases involving H2 are loaded in the VR Editor. I have asked the CHAM Development Team to cure this problem.

PattiMichelle February 6, 2002 13:00

Re: How to run example cases
> I have asked the CHAM Development Team to cure this problem.

Do you think this would happen, say, in the next release of PHOENICS or would it be an interim fix?


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