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George Bergantz March 19, 2002 01:31

Linux version of shareware?
Are there Linux versions of the shareware product, including Plant, available?

Thank you.

Peter Spalding March 19, 2002 07:30

Re: Linux version of shareware?
Shareware is based upon PHOENICS-1.5 onto which we have added a basic GUI. PHOENICS-1.5 was released about 12 years ago and, as such, remains a DOS-only product.

We have no plans, as yet, to release later versions as Shareware (though surely versions 1.6 and 2.1 are likely candidates) but I do not think LINUX versions appeared until version 3.1 or later - so you may have a long wait before this appears as Shareware.

As a maintained customer using PHOENICS within an educational programme, your licence for PHOENICS-3.4 will not be restricted in any case. PHOENICS-3.4 is described on CHAM's web site at: where you can also download recent newsletters and learn more about the forthcoming User Conference this September.

We do now have a low-cost Virtual Wind Tunnel version of PH-3.4 (F1 VWT) for schools involved in the "F1 in Schools Challenge". This is exclusively distributed by Denford Ltd here in the UK. Click on and I believe there are initiatives to release this in the USA via Denford Inc - The F1 VWT product operates under Windows.


Peter Spalding

leon March 19, 2002 17:46

Re: Linux version of shareware?

Alternative - do you have acess to Xwin or some other windows emulator ?

I know that there is a few out there fore linux / unix machines that are freeware. This may get around the need for a linux version of Phoenics.


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