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neihad March 26, 2002 02:06

Natural ventilation estimation
Hi Can we use Phoenics to evaluate natural ventilation system of commercial buildings?


leon March 27, 2002 21:18

Re: Natural ventilation estimation
I have seen it done, with good results. But I have not used phoenics for this purpose.


neihad March 28, 2002 02:04

Re: Natural ventilation estimation
I have completed a number of natural ventilation projects using Fluent and ANSYS-Flotran software and I have got some good results. I appreciate if you direct me to any publication that deals with natural ventilation modeling using Phoenics software. I tried to find such information on the Internet but with no success.

Thank you so much Neihad

leon April 1, 2002 02:36

Re: Natural ventilation estimation
I do not know of any on the Internet - If you can have a look in past Phoenics Journals.

Sorry I can't be a bit more specific.


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