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ben April 4, 2002 02:27

How to choose the buoyancy model?
I want to simualte the flow field of a gymnasium and need to add the gravitational forces. Then I select the DENSITY DIFFERENCE as the buoyancy model. At the same time I choose the domain material as AIR USING IDEAL GAS LAW. When I press RUN /EARTH,the PHOENICS exit automatically. Can anybody help me? What's the difference between these buoyancy model ? Thank you.

Dr Salam Al-Far April 5, 2002 08:01

Re: How to choose the buoyancy model?
From my PHOENICS experience, the error that you r ecountering can be related to a number of things, email me back your q1 file and I will send you my comments back with the corrected Q1 file. I used to work for CHAM, and would be very to help PHOENICS users

Kind regards Salam

Ruchard April 8, 2002 04:04

Re: How to choose the buoyancy model?
I think that you can see the result file to see what you should to correct. I guess that you should store density.

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