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mazheshu April 8, 2002 23:31

how to let my "Visual Fortran" to Compile Phoenics
Hi, everyone:

can you tell me how to let "Visual Fortran" to Compile Phoenics codes?thanks for giving me help. my e-mail:

Peter Spalding April 9, 2002 07:00

Re: how to let my "Visual Fortran" to Compile Phoe
I guess you mean how to obtain the compiler. The Compaq Visual FORTRAN compiler is suitable for Windows implementations of PHOENICS version 3 onwards. These can be obtained from CHAM - contact

It is not used for the DOS-based Shareware versions which use an inbuilt Salford F77 compiler.

For LINUX implementations, we use the Red Hat FORTRAN compiler.



mazheshu April 10, 2002 08:14

Re: how to let my "Visual Fortran" to Compile Phoe
Peter Spalding,thanks for your response for my question. I am a legal user of PHOENICS3.3 and own Visual Fortran 6.5. I mean that i don't know how to compile my own Ground files.Sometimes, I want to use Visual Fortran to develop some appliances(using PHOENICS CFD calculation) with Chinese interface. Can you give me some advice?

Peter Spalding April 11, 2002 06:36

Re: how to let my "Visual Fortran" to Compile Phoe
I am still not sure what you mean, but perhaps one of these answers will help.

Firstly check that your FORTRAN compiler is in the correct path. The file \phoenics\d_utils\phoepath.bat expects the compiler to be in the folder \Program files\ Microsoft Visual Studio\DF98. This folder is specified by the command:

Set DFDIR = \Progra~1\Micros~2\DF98

Search for the DF98 folder with Windows Explorer, and then modify phoepath.bat to point to the correct location.

The 'compile filename' command must also be in the path \phoenics\d_utils\d_windf

Alternatively, your question may relate to a broader use of the compiler, for which a typical question and answer might be:

"I wish to use the Visual Studio for building the ground coding, which consists of many source files and several libraries, for debugging. Please specify the settings needed including object and library files needed and other settings for the use of windows graphics."

The general guidelines are as follows: Create a new project workspace - Win32 Applications. Create a folder CHAM. Create a folder USER. Print out bldear.bat. Add all contents of bldear.bat to CHAM folder except GROUND; note that the bldear also tells you what system libraries need to be added to the link tab under project settings. Add GROUND to the USER folder. In Project/Settings/Debug set working directory to wherever EARDAT is.

I hope that one of these answers assists you, but for a more detailed response, please contact your PHOENICS Distributor / local support group.



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