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ben April 10, 2002 11:01

About the TEM1 source
I found that in the RESULT file, the source of TEM1 of air is calculated by enthalpy and the zero point is selected at 0 K. I wonder if I can change the zero point to 0 centigrade. Thank you!

leon April 11, 2002 19:20

Re: About the TEM1 source

My understanding is that the TEM1 term is in K, because all of the maths that use enthalpy and most other thermodynamic equamtions are based on K, not centigrade.

My understanding of enthalpy roughly speaking; is that any material at 0 K, is at 0 enthalpy air or other materials at 0 C = 273 K that means that the material has some internal energy hence some enthalpy.

So my answer would be that you can not change this set point.

Hope this helps.


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