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robin April 17, 2002 11:03

How to use the PLANT MENU
hello: I use PLANT MENU to insert the inter-phase friction efficient(INTFRC) in the VR-Edit enviroment.But after I set "Option"-"Run version"-"earth"-"Private",I click on "Run"-"Earth",Phoenics report that compilation of ground failed.I want to know why? Help me,please.

Peter Spalding April 18, 2002 09:15

Re: How to use the PLANT MENU
I cannot immediately answer your question, but I trust you will obtain the necessary guidance for using PLANT by clicking on: and retracing your steps.



robin May 4, 2002 18:04

what's the problem?
I had study the help of the PLANT MENU,but the codes I added can't compile.I want to know whether the PLANT MENU could use in the VR-environment?If it does,what's the problem?

m.z.s July 9, 2002 22:24

Want VR help
I want to use PHOENICS3.3 to solve the two-phase reactional flow field in a rotating combustion chamber. when I try my simulation, I meet some questions:

(1) the sove rotating combustion chamber is shown in geometry.stl in attachment. I gained this STL file through AutoCAD 2000,When I import it in VR(Under Cylindrical Polar coordinate system) the Cylinder distorted, while under Cartisan coordinate system the geometry shows correct.Can everybody tell me why?

(2)How to DRAW a circle outlet which center is parallel to the Z axial?

(3)Combustion and flow in the rotating combustion chamber consist very high pressure(>10MPa). Its temperature is about 1800K . And swirl also is very strong. I want to employ SCRS(EBU) model and k-e model to simulate, can I get good result?

Eager for your advice! Thanks.

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