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S Roy April 24, 2002 04:18

SMOK- what is it
A variable SMOK is being created as I work in VR. What is the menaing of SMOK? Kindly help

herve April 24, 2002 08:10

Re: SMOK- what is it

I think it is just an equivalent name for "C1", a scalar usually used to solve for the transport equation of a massic fraction ("SMOK" indeed stands for "SMOKE", which can be a bit misleading sometimes for a gas plume is not necessarily concerned).

It is well possible that you have originally loaded a "FLAIR" library case (or any other "special" library case), which authomatically activates "SMOK" instead of "C1".

I reckon that you could verify the above in your q1, where an entity called something like "VRNAM" (or something approaching) is set to "FLAIR" (or any kind of special term like "AQUA", or whatsoever). If you do not want "SMOK", one easy cure could be to simple replace "FLAIR" (or whatsoever) by "Core".

Sorry if it does not help much, but it is all that I can say. CHAM will know obviously.


Dr. Peter Bailey May 8, 2002 10:48

Re: SMOK- what is it
SMOK is a scalar variable which is solved to represent the smoke concentration.

For more information about FLAIR, Fire and Smoke modelling, and PHOENICS in general, see the CHAM website at and use the SEARCH facility for keywords such as FLAIR,FIRE,SMOK,SMOKE, etc.

Alternatively, on the web-site, you can use the Encyclopaedia.

For documentation of FLAIR, you should be able to go directly to:

Fire and smoke modelling, tunnels, buildings and multi-storey car parks, has become popular recently,using PHOENICS. This is perhaps appropriate, given the mythical associations of the word PHOENICS.

Best Regards,

Pete (Dr. Peter Bailey)

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