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Joel April 30, 2002 08:25

NT to Linux
Is it possible to use a 3.4 case from phoenics for nt in phoenics for linux and if so how?

Jeremy Wu May 1, 2002 07:39

Re: NT to Linux
No, NT and LINUX are different systems and using different Fortran compilers. You will not be able to run NT version of PHOENICS on the LINUX system.

Joel May 1, 2002 09:23

Re: NT to Linux
i dont mean to run phoenics for nt on linux i want to run a case that i made in nt on the linux version of phoenics, i.e get the q1 file from nt and use it in linux

Jeremy Wu May 1, 2002 12:37

Re: NT to Linux
Sorry for misinterpreting your question. You can certainly transfer your q1 file (this is simply a text file) from one system to another. It will run. If it did not, then it is something else, and has nothing to do with different systems.


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