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Shahnaz June 3, 2002 21:33

Vortex Formation
Hello Users, I need help in solving vortex formation problem. Water enters tangentially into the tank at the top creating a swirling action and leaves at the bottom. Tank is vented at the top. Vortex is created at the surface and i am not sure what should be the settings i should go for. I am Phoenics VR user. This is a free surface flow problem.

Please let me know how to go about. Thanks..... Shahnaz

Rami June 9, 2002 02:14

Re: Vortex Formation
Hi Shahnaz,

I am experiencing problems with simulation of swirling flow in BFC grid for a long time, and it is investigated by Dr. Mike Malin, CHAM's Technical Support Manager.

If you do NOT use BFC, but rather cylindrical coordinates, maybe the standard settings for swiling flow (i.e., solution in y-z plane, where z is the axial coordinate and y is radial, addition of SOLVE(U1) and XCYCLE=T) would do.


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