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xqy June 20, 2002 04:23

relax factor problem
how to control the relax factor to vary as the iterations in ground.

in q1 file ,one can control the relax factor.but it can only set a fixed value. I want to let the relax factor to vary as the isweep number. how can i do??

CHAM Technical Support June 24, 2002 05:43

Re: relax factor problem
In the appropriate section of group 19 of GROUND set, for example, DTFALS(U1)= function of ISWEEP. If linear relexation is applied then set DTFALS(U1)= - function of ISWEEP. In other words, DTFALS > 0 for false-time-step relaxation and DTFALS < 0 for linear relexation.

xingqiuyuan June 26, 2002 04:40

Re: relax factor problem
thank you very much, i am really grateful of you.

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