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Philip Peeples June 26, 2002 14:30

Fine grid embedding
I am having a problem with adjacent fine grid objects. I have a large ductwork model that extends in 3 dimensions. To have a workable model, I am using fine_grid_vol objects around the ductwork instead of having a high grid density for the entire model. The individual fine grid objects seem to be working ok, but at locations where I have fine grid objects adjacent to each other, with no gap in between, the model doesn't seem to recognize the solid object boundaries of the ducts near the adjacent boundaries. When it does, it takes the shape of the coarse, overall model grid, not the fine grid object and sometimes leaves gaps in the duct. Has anyone had a similar problem? If so, what was your solution?

Leon Mills July 3, 2002 18:32

Re: Fine grid embedding

I have had the same problem. I have also experienced other problems, such as the model not running - errors introduced by adding extra fine grid bodies ???.

Have you tried overlapping the fine grid bodies and or turning on parsol - I found the later to be effective. Also if you are using the VR viewer to set up the mesh, look at the powers laws, playing with these changes the grid to a log fyunction, potentially putting more elements near the duct, without increaseing the number of elements in the model.

Hope this helps.


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