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Trushar July 22, 2002 07:14

we r planing to purchase PHOENICS Software, We required help for which OS suport will use Windows or Linux? Why ? plaz guide me

Peter Spalding July 22, 2002 09:37

Re: phoenics
PHOENICS is supported for both Windows (from 95 up to XP) and LINUX. For Windows, we use the Compaq Visual FORTRAN compiler and for LINUX, we use the Red Hat LINUX compiler.

There are sequential- and parallel-processing versions for each. There is little performance difference between them (LINUX is slightly faster) and the licence fees are the same too. Windows is the most commonly installed version for PHOENICS.

I hope this helps.


Peter Spalding

Trushar July 23, 2002 02:46

Re: phoenics
thanks for that but why people use LINUX baised PHOENICS thaN WINDOWS

Trushar July 23, 2002 05:59

Re: phoenics
dear Peter Spalding thanks for that but in LINUX baised PHOENICS background processing will be possiable or not for graphical point of view which is batter

Peter Spalding July 23, 2002 13:09

Re: phoenics
From the graphical point of view, the Windows version is superior. PHOENICS is developed using Windows-based systems, and hence any other platform or operating system follows on from the Windows release. The post-processing facilities in PHOENICS have been improved for PHOENICS-3.5, but none of these improvements has yet been ported to other systems. So, in answer to your primary question, Windows is indeed the better solution.



Trushar July 24, 2002 06:21

Re: phoenics
Many thanks Peter it will help me to buy software

Vikas Kumar July 29, 2002 01:52

Re: phoenics
Dear Trushar

We wish to inform you that it all depends upon your type of application. Windows have better graphics as compared to LINUX and you can run multiple application in windows.

Please inform me the type of applications, you wish to undertake. We can help you in modeling of problem using PHOENICS. Please let me know your contact address.

-- Vikas Kumar Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC) Member Technical Staff Scientific, Engineering & Computing Group CFD, NPSF Building Ganeshkhind, Pune University Campus Pune: 411 007 Phone: +91(020)5694000/1/2/3 Extn 504 Fax Number:+91(020)569 4081


noridk_14 August 5, 2011 16:34

Where Can I find linux version for Phoenics?
Hi Peter Spalding ,

Where Can I find linux version for Phoenics?. Thanks a lot.:)

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