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Rovana August 11, 2002 18:07

will you help me even if...
...even if I don't HAVE Phoenics installed on my computer? I'm a student from Romania and I have to learn ALL about Phoenics till september [even though it's holliday! :( ]. I need it for thermotechnical applications. [I guess! My thermotechnics Professor from Uni told me about this software, so I guess that's the domain I should focus] A! Is there any way I could get to see (free of charge!) how this program works? Because - my experience of a student at an engineering University speaks now! - before I could learn something, I HAVE TO UNDERSTAND how "it works" and what "it does". Thank you, Mr. Spalding for your patience. Yours truely, Rovana - Ioana Cretu

Leon August 11, 2002 19:19

Re: will you help me even if...

Have a look at - I belive that there is a sharewhare version.

Also try finding your local distributor of Phoenics, I revieved a 1 month trial program with all the technical information, before I purchased a year long license.

Hope this helps.


Rovana August 12, 2002 16:12

Re: will you help me even if...
First of all, thank you very much, Mr. Leon for your quick answear! My problem is that I don't want the Phoenics on my PC, because I have to buy the licence. Unfortunatelly, I don't have that kind of money! My Professor said that the Uni is buying it [the licence]. So, somewhere I'll meet Phoenics! But, before I meet it, I have to know more about it. I think I'll have to settle with the tutorials and lectures that CHAM provides. [Looking for the local distributor of this software is - how should I say? - Science Fiction! I seriously doubt that you guys have sent someone in Romania to give free trials or to sell licences of Phoenics!] One more question! Did I get it right? C++ can take the place of P.I.L.? [I think that would be a great news to me! I happen to know a little bit of C++...] And PIL is the language that the Q1 file is written in? Or is it Fortran? I'm confused! Maybe I should read carefully those lectures... Yours truely, Rovana Cretu

Leon August 13, 2002 00:29

Re: will you help me even if...
Contact CHAM or via there website for you closest resller.

CHAM website under POLIS and or encyclopedia - should have the detalis you are after.

Programing, PHOENICS is compiled in fortran, a recompliable version allow the user to use fortran for additional coding. I have not seen C++ used before, but it maybe OK.

The latest allows the user to code, in Phoenics, no fortran required - for most equirements.

There is a FREE version - SHAREWARE avliable from CHAM's website with some documentation. It is a few versions behind the current version but it should be OK to get you started.

Hope this helps.


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