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may song August 13, 2002 04:27

how to set porous media?
I must use porous media in full field. How to set porous media? I read the polis, one method is that i can use a standard blockage and make the material the domain material, then be able to set porosity, including vpor, epor, hpor. The other method is set commands in q1. we can use CONPOR(NAME,VALUE,TYPE,IXF,IXL,IYF,IYL,IZF,IZL) Which method I can use, what difference between these ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Malin August 13, 2002 06:51

Re: how to set porous media?
The setting of porosity factors to represent a porous media means that the resistance force should be based on the actual velocity through the media rather than the superficial velocity. This amounts to proper specification of the darcy coefficient if the darcy model is employed.

may song August 13, 2002 07:45

Rre: how to set porous media?
I study natural convective heat and mass transfer in porous media. May I employ the darcy model without setting of porosity factors to carry out this function? Can you tell me more about setting of porous media? thanks

Michael Malin August 15, 2002 05:47

Re: Rre: how to set porous media?
The darcy model for the hydrodynamics is described in the on-line documentation at:

This is exemplified, I believe, by library case 255.

The heat transfer model is not available as a defualt option, but Darcy flow with heat transfer is exemplified by library case 811 which presumes local thermal equilibrium and uses PLANT to implement the required time-dependent source term in energy equation (this means you need a re-compilable version of PHOENICS). If you have a non-recompilable version of V3.4, then the INFORM facility (see on-line documentation)could be used instead of PLANT. I created this case as a simple demonstration example for the University of Auckland some time ago. I believe that Auckland used PHOENICS to simulate the type of problem you are interested in, and published some papers. I cannot recall the name of the PHOENICS User.

may song August 18, 2002 07:05

Re: Rre: how to set porous media?
thank you for your help!

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