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Sam Matson August 30, 2002 09:12

Transient Simulation

I am simulating a heat source that has a variable heat release rate. For the first 3 seconds it is constant at one value and for the remaining portion of the simulation it has a lower heat release.

All of the time steps in the first 3 seconds converge without any problem, but after the heat release rate changes, the temperature "sticks" at the previous temperature. The TEM1 %Error stays constant, no matter what relaxation settings I apply.

Does anyone have any hints, please?

Thank you.

leon mills September 3, 2002 21:53

Re: Transient Simulation

Couple of questions/comments. I hope they are usefull.

Is the cell you are monitoring a good cell to use for checking convergence? Is the cell likely to change temperature with the drop in HRR?

If the change in HRR is not subtaintial the cell temperature is likely to stay unchanged by the change in HRR for a smal time period (a few seconds). This maybe a reason - try making the change bigger to test.

- Leon

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