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Habib September 5, 2002 14:44

Gray scale Photon Figures
We are using PHOTON as a post processor. We would like to produce Figures of contours in GRAY scale and NOT in full colour. How can PHOTON plot flooded contours in GRAY scale? We are not using VR. We still use Q1 and PHI files.


leon mills September 24, 2002 22:00

Re: Gray scale Photon Figures

I have not tried to this one becuase I want more control than Photon can give me as a post processor.

I use photoshop, paintbrush, or word to convert the colour output to greyscale. It offers better control over the final greyscale scheme used and other things such as contrast and brightness.

Soory I can't directly answer your question, I hope my post is useful.


John Ludwig October 16, 2002 10:45

Re: Gray scale Photon Figures
Open the file \phoenics\d_allpro\cham.ini with any text editor (e.g. Notepad), and in the [PostScript] section change

Greyscale = off


Greyscale = on

Save the file, and PHOTON/AUTOPLOT will save postscript in greyscale.

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