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mikezhang September 7, 2002 10:46

porous media
Hi, everyone,

In phoenic3.3, how to use it into porous media? pls give me a answer.


leon mills September 8, 2002 18:49

Re: porous media

Porus Media: Using VR-EDITOR Select a blockage, use domain material, edit propoerties to make the material porous. OR. Select a blockage and make it a plate element, edit propoerties to make the material porous.

Read up in POLIS and Manuals to make certain that the porosity setting is correct ie. does 0.6 = 60% blockage or 60% opening ( I cant remeber at the moment)

Hope this helps


mikezhang September 21, 2002 21:10

Re: porous media

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