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Volker Riedel September 19, 2002 12:35

Problem with Satellite & CCM/MBFGE solver
Hi, I am using the CCM/MBFGE solver in Phoenics 3.4 and everything works just fine. The simulations are prepared by using the CCM=T switch to convert a Q1 file for the standard staggered solver to the colocated velocities multi block method. The grid is body fitted with fine grids embedded.

The only problem I have is that satelite is constantly asking whether I want to activate the MBFGE-BFC treatment if it attempts to write out the files for earth. Because the grids are BFC, I answer "Yes", and that's it.

We have however embedded Phoenics into a special MATLAB simulation environment for designing the grid and setting up the simulation. The user has the choice whether to use the staggered or the CCM solver so I decided to use the CCM switch to easily generate the proper Q1 files. Many simulations (Q1 files) with different boundary conditions are generated automatically for batch running and those Q1 files should also be batch converted with satelite. This is however not possible due to the question satellite likes to ask for every single file.

Does anybody have an idea, how this can be resolved without removement of the CCM switch and a hand-made CCM Q1 file?

Any hints are appreciated. I'm sure there is a very easy solution.

best regards


The Q1 file (after removement of Boundary and initial conditions, relaxation, and convection scheme settings) is:






SOLVE(P1 ,U1 ,V1 ,W1 );










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