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leon mills October 16, 2002 00:39

I am having problems with air flow around shapes.

I have inserted an object in P v3.4 [FLAIR], chage the geometry to a wedge, default from files provided, then rotated the wedge to obtain the wedge pointing in the correct direction.

My problem is that i have put two wedges into the domain so that the skinny ends are touching. The problem is that the domain fluid, air, is passing through a 'gap' between the skinny ends. I know that there is no gap, I have checked many times. I have refined the mesh, I have inserted fine grid volumes. All have not solved the problem.

At the moment PARSOL crashes the run of the model when it is activated, this is not unquie to this problem. So this is not an option.

Any help would be greately appreciated.


John Ludwig November 1, 2002 04:10

Shapes are only detected (parsol off) when they cover a cell centre. Near the tip of the wedge, the last cell centre may be in the fluid, so will not be detected. This will leave a two-cell hole between the two wedges.

Try putting a small plate object under the two tips to ensure that the flow is blocked. Set 'object affects grid' to 'off' for this plate so that it won't distort your grid distribution.

leon mills November 3, 2002 17:20


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