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sweenam November 9, 2002 07:08

CAD Interface problem
i have problem in the PHOENICS CAD Interface. the PHOENICS version that i used now is Version 3.1, i am quite sure that the .stl file that i imported to PHOENICS is the binary format. Maybe because of this, i can not see the imported object in the domain. i hope you can let me know the details on how to convert this binary format file to ASCII as required in PHOENICS. i read that one of the ways is open the stl file using the word pad and save it. i tried the method but the file i saved is the txt file and it is not the stl file that i can used for PHOENICS CAD interface. Besides that, where can i get the full version of the menu for the PHOENICS Version 3.1 as the CHAM had updated their website to the latest version of PHOENICS. That is all from me, thanks in advance for your help and kindness. hope to hear you soon.

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