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Russ November 28, 2002 12:58

Transient display
I'm running a transient 2d problem trying to turn a fan on part way through. When I run earth the spot values infront of the fan are behaving correctly. My problem is that when I look at the results in vr viewer I can only display the results for the last time step, rather than all time steps cycling through the z-plane as in the tutorials. Can anybody tell me what I may be doing wrong?

TIA Russ

leonmills November 28, 2002 22:55

Re: Transient display

In version 3.4 when vr viewer loads up you simply select the approiriate timestep for viewing as setup in the output dumping in vr editor.

In version 3.3 I found it easiest to take a copy of the relvant timesteps 8.phi files and the phi file. Then rename the output.phi to phi. Then load up vr-viewer with the new time step as the input for vr-viewer.

There maybe other ways but this was the simplest for me using vr-viwer.

Hope this helps


Russ December 2, 2002 11:43

Re: Transient display
Thanks leon,

I found my problem was to do with the field dumping setting for the phi files. Running v3.4.

I was solving a steady solution then switching to transient. When i did this phoenics automatically gave a start letter for the phi files, but with this set i couldn't show the z-axis as time in vr viewer. So all i had to do is remove this letter from the setting.


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