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houfeng December 10, 2002 09:35

biomass pyrolysis

my subject is biomass pyrolysis mathmatics model, if i can simulate it by using pheonics?

cfd200 February 27, 2003 21:21

Re: biomass pyrolysis
Yes,you can. The mass conservation equation need a source term. There's an example in phoenics 3.5 which simulate coke burning in a fixed bed. I think it's similar eith your problem

xuanphuong December 3, 2009 19:58

vegetable oil pyrolysis
Hi all,

I started to use CFD to simulate vegetable oil pyrolysis (thermal cracking in the absence of air). Could you pls tell me which software I can use? I intend to use methyl decanoate as a surrogate for the oil so that I may have big problem of a huge chemical mechanism. Do I have to input the mechanism if I use chemical equilibrium?


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