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reinaldo kuhn February 4, 2003 20:38

boundary conditions problem
Dear Sirs,

I have to model a copper electrowinning tankhouse ventilation system using Phoenics CFD code. Most of the boundary conditions employed in this study are standard in CFD modeling, except that the electrowinning cells are acid mist sources. The mist generation , i.g. the flux at cell surface, is 4 gr of acid mist per hour per cell.

I have to solve the species concentration in the air, in mg/m3 , but I'm not sure which boundary condition should I use.

Primarly, I generated the air flow solution, by solving the momentum and energy equation to produce velocity, temperature, turbulence and pressure fields.

A second calculation shall solve the acid mist concentration. I think that the concentration shall be a scalar variable, and the boundary condition a Blockage with scalar fixed flux, but the analysis results have no sense at all.

Please can you help me ?

Yours faithfully,

R. Kuhn

John Ludwig March 27, 2003 12:46

Re: boundary conditions problem
The units of the concentration equations are kg/kg, not kg/m^3. You can try setting an inlet with the mass flow-rate of the acid mist (maybe set as a volumetric flow rate), and set the incoming C1 value to 1.0. This will mean it is pure acid.

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