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wright March 20, 2003 22:59

bfc problem!
hello everybody:

i want to build a model in BFC , a rectangle has a little radian .on the top of the rectangle there is a round pipe insert.about one third deep .the round pipe has four holes on its side .each hole has a downwards obliquity,my problem is how can i draw the hole on the pipe and has obliquity in BFC ,if i want set a inlet ,the pipe has 5 exit ,how can i do ? please help me .thanks advance !

John Ludwig March 28, 2003 05:32

Re: bfc problem!
It might be easier to import an STL of this geometry into VR-Editor in cartesian mode. Then Earth can sort out which cells are open and which are blocked.

wright March 28, 2003 06:58

Re: bfc problem!
my geometry is not a rectangle,it has a little radian .can it be made in VR-Editor in cartesian mode? by the way ,3DMAX can make STL?

Peter Spalding April 1, 2003 10:42

Re: bfc problem!
PHOENICS-VR can accept STL files in the form of 3D object-based solid models in non-binary (ASII) format.

Complicated geometries can be handled in this way by refining the grid in the first instance and by switching on PARSOL in the second, see:



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