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Javier March 27, 2003 15:32

Water Droplets Evaporation

Is it possible to model the evaporation of water droplets(fog) in air. (Heat-Mass Transfer).

We are trying to reduce the humidity of air (fog) mixing it with a source of heated air coming from other facility, but we have a short distance to do it.


Javier L.

MICHAEL MALIN March 31, 2003 09:09

Re: Water Droplets Evaporation
This sort of problem is usually modelled using an Eulerian-Lagrangian approach, which in PHOENICS means using GENTRA for describing the droplet phase.

An alternative is to use the Eulerian-Eulerian approach, i.e. IPSA in PHOENICS, but this approach is restricted to droplets of a single size.

It is also possible to model this process by solving mixture conservation equations and an equation to describe the species mass fraction of water in any form. The local state of the gas-lquid mixture would be determined on the basis of the assumption of saturation of the droplet phase, and immediate adjustment of the droplets to local conditions. The details of this simplified approach would have to be worked out carefully.

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