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user-zhao April 16, 2003 22:56

Need help for a PHOENICS-VR problem.
I am using a 3.4 edition. After I have clicked the PHOENICS-VR button ,the VR-editor window appears.But immediately a ERROR message followed:"Fail to get DC in GL paint" ,then ,nothing I can do on the PHOENICS-VR edior window. What is the matter ? It worries me greatly !

John Ludwig, CHAM April 22, 2003 12:38

Re: Need help for a PHOENICS-VR problem.
Please report this to CHAM User Support - - together with: # the operating system (XP/2000/NT/Me/98) # the graphics card in your machine # the colour depth setting # the screen resolution setting.

If this only happens with a particular Q1, send that as well together with any non-standard geometry files it may refer to.

You can also try to go to the website of your graphics card manufacturer and see if they have a newer version of the graphics driver. If they do, download and install it. This can sometimes fix obscure graphics bugs.

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