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Vikas Kumar June 10, 2003 11:21

Lift & Drag Library cases

Has any body solved library cases Y113 & Y114, which are related to computation of lift & drag coefficient. I find that the approach for selecting area for computation of drag coeff. is different in Y114 w.r.t. Y113. I have seen in some book that the projected area with respect to mean flow condition should be taken. In Y114 complete surface area is taken but in Y113 only one surface area is taken.

I shall be thankful for early clarifications.



stk January 31, 2004 07:31

Re: Lift & Drag Library cases
My friend i'm also interested in lift and drag computations and i see phoenics how old-fashioned and unfriendly is in this area. i would help you in your problem if i could run these 2 cases y113 and y114 .every time i try i get a message in my result:

GROUND from G13S12 & grex3

but no setting made. Please check. PATCH NAME = CAR2GAS INDVAR = 1 f index = 850 f value = GRND GROUP NO= 13 SECTN NO= 12 vals = 850 what should i do? thanks

best regards

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