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zhujianguo July 17, 2003 04:21

relaxation factors
I found that the relaxation factor of u1 is difficult to set.if it had been set a little bigger,the error of p1&u1 are bigger.However,if it had been set small,the convergence curve is slantwise.I really don't know how to set the relaxation factors or control U1.By the way,how to set the relaxation factors of H1,FUEL,MIXF,OXID,PROD,TMP1.What is the base.

Ramesh August 5, 2003 06:17

Re: relaxation factors
I also have the same doubt, and consulted CHAM., Please anybody explain in detail, how to vary relaxation parameters for different variables like U1, V1, W1, ke, ep, h1, temp, den1, mixf, fuel, oxid, prod, etc.. when different complexities are introduced one by one. Thanks Ramesh

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