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S.Gowrisankar August 7, 2003 05:25

Setting correct NFDIM
I use a recompilable version of Phoenics V3.5. I see the NFDIM variable is set according to the RAM size allocation needed for the specific case. It is also to be set realistic with respect to the total RAM available. Can somebody suggest how to arrive at the optimal value for a given RAM availability ? P.S.: Phoenics earexe.exe are made available in diff flavours to suit RAM sizes of say 64 MB onwards to 2GB. What exactly (if there are anything else apart from NFDIM changed)is the diff between each of the versions ? Thanks in anticipation, Gowrisankar

Hu August 11, 2003 10:26

Re: Setting correct NFDIM
Probably you can run a simple simulation and check the 'result' file where you will see the size of NFDIM (appeared like 'Number of F-array locations available is') using different and optimised earexe.exe supplied by CHAM for various RAM capacities in a computer. You may get an idea about how they allocate NFDIM according to different sizes of the RAM. Then you can modify the NFDIM in main.for and built your private earexe.exe to suit your needs.

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