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Peter Specht August 11, 2003 04:35

starting from command line?
Hi, is it possible to start Phoenics with a q1 file from the command line? It is very stupid to start it with the icon and than go through the hole tree to click on the directory (why on the directory and not on the q1 file?) and the next time the same because it is not possible that p. can remember where i started last time.

Regards Peter

Rami August 11, 2003 08:52

Re: starting from command line?
Hi Peter,

It is possible to run from the command line.

runsat will run satellite. It expects to find q1 in your current folder, but you may later on use the menu to read any other q1. Note it overwrites q1 at the end.

runear will run the "public" earth. Alternatively you may run your private earexe.exe.

runpho and runaut will run photon and autoplot.


PS: there is some initialization needed for these to work - I am not sure if only in case you re-compile or always - (e.g., definiton of path, environment variables etc) documented in the installation manual and/or POLIS. Using the Digital Visual Studio version, you should run C:\phoenics\D_UTILS\d_windf\windf.bat

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