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Maria Morabito August 15, 2003 14:24

Advantage of Phoenics compared to other products
Hallo, i want to establish CFD-Simulation in our section. What are the advantages/disadvantages of Phoenics compared to other products? We have problems to solve in the area dimensioning of coolers. Only mass-, impuls- and engery equations must be solved (no chemical reactions). Geometrie size is normal (no nano size or something).

Thanks very much Maria Morabito

Leon Mills August 17, 2003 20:52

Re: Advantage of Phoenics compared to other produc

I have found Phoenics easy to use and set up for general problem solving. When compared to some of the other CFD products I have used.

The main disadvantage is that some other codes maybe written specifcally for the types of simulations that you want to model - these specific software packages maybe easier to set up and use for people of limitted traing in the CFD feild. This does not mean that Phoenics can not does these models, only that I can take a little more knowledge and training to use.

I think the main advantage is being able to write your own subroutnines to handle specific user requirements. Also the CFD code is general and as such can be put to use in other feilds of your bussiness, and the cost of the product is also favourable compared to other codes.

Hope this helps


fan jinglong August 25, 2003 20:48

Re: Advantage of Phoenics compared to other produc
Phoenics is convenient to set up your model with CAD help . PHOENICS is proper for HVAC field but it is not a special code for HVAC.

This is my perpesonal point.

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