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Phoenics user September 4, 2003 11:35

Could anybody say to me how to get the vorticity in PHOE? Is there any pre-defined variable where it is stored? or do I need to add my own ground code? Thanks .

Dan Parsons September 12, 2003 21:33

Re: Vorticity
You need to add your own ground code....or export the data to matlab and calculate post processing....this is okay for steady state solutions...but for unsteardy ones better to calc as you go in ground..

Cheers Dan

Technical Support September 15, 2003 06:29

Re: Vorticity
Dan is correct about the use of GROUND, but note that the file c:\phoenics\d_earth\d_opt\d_advmph\gxintp.for contains subroutine GXVORT which computes the mean vorticity vector for cartesian and cylindrical meshes. This subroutine could be called from the user's GROUND. Some discussion is given in the comments at the top of this subroutine. The file could also readily be extended to handle BFC meshes.

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