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zhujianguo September 14, 2003 02:31

important problem

I am a customer of PHOENICS in china. I am working hard to numerical simulation on combustion with phoenics3.4.Now,I meet a problem. (1)I think the term "SRAD" in radiosity model has a little you think so? can I see how the "srad" on earth calculated? is it the radiosity heat flux? According to the problem debug ,srad is not satisfied with the theorical case. why? (2)where is the total heat flux ? how to output the total heat flux? I hope you can give a full answer. Thanks


Technical Support September 15, 2003 06:03

Re: important problem
It is impossible to answer (1) because the information supplied is far too deficient in detail and no clear statement of the problem is provided. (2) is also too woolly because the meaning of total heat flux is never defined. The RESULT file will provide printout (NETT source printout) of the various sources and boundary conditions used in the SRAD and TEM1 (or H1)finite-volume equations in Watts.

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