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Jas October 24, 2003 17:32


Could anybody tell me where and how to turn ON the "Satellite" operation mode, which is also one of the PHOENICS pre-processor operation modes besides the Commander and VR Editor.

Thank you.

Rami October 26, 2003 03:03

Re: Satellite
Use the script "runsat" (at least in unix and windows) from a terminal window / command prompt window. This will execute the satexe executable.

Jas October 26, 2003 18:55

Re: Satellite
Thank you Mr. Rami. However, I do not know what is this "terminal window/command prompt window".Do you mean we run it in DOS?

Rami October 27, 2003 05:20

Re: Satellite
If you run Windows, yes, you run it from a "DOS window". Depending on the exact OS and PHOENICS version you have, there is a certain initialization script you should run first. This should be found in CHAM's documentaion.

Jas October 27, 2003 14:16

Re: Satellite
Thank you very much Rami.

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