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Jas October 28, 2003 17:12

Temperature subroutine in PHOENICS 3.5

Is there anybody running a simulation using PHOENICS 3.5? If you are using the PHOENICS commander, have you ever successfully call a temperature subroutine from a Ground.for file (where temperature is calculated here)and can get the correct temperature values? My program can run in PHOENICS 3.4 but failed in PHOENICS 3.5. Could anybody share with me what are the things that i maybe need to pay attention of if you have overcome this before. Thank you in advance.

xz October 31, 2003 02:28

Re: Temperature subroutine in PHOENICS 3.5
In the Ver3.5 the definition of Cp has been changed.

You can get the imformation about from What's new in Version 35.

Jas November 3, 2003 14:24

Re: Temperature subroutine in PHOENICS 3.5
Yeah, i do aware of that, thanks. Anyway, do you have any examples for it?

Jas November 8, 2003 20:29

Re: Temperature subroutine in PHOENICS 3.5
The definition for Cp has been changed in PHOENICS 3.5, where internally it is defined by PHOENICS where T=(h-h_base)/Cp. By using our previous equation (prior to version 3.5) which is given by -(k/Cp).grad(h) for conduction term, we defined only the value of the term (k/Cp), now in PHOENICS 3.5, how can we calculate this k value? Do we need to calculate this value?

Thank you for any volunteer trying to help me.

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