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zhao November 8, 2003 19:19

I am learning GENTRA now, if I want to release 100 particles at the same time and same position and track them separately, how to do that?

Or where can I find some tutorial guide of GENTRA?


zhao November 8, 2003 19:43

Re: beginner--GENTRA
btw, I have tried to use 100 "parcel" any of which has a unit number flow rate. I think in that way 100 particles will be tracked, but as a result, only 20 tracks are generated. Is 20 a upper limit of tracks?

xz November 10, 2003 09:27

Re: beginner--GENTRA
Less than 20 tracks can be generated with GENTRA directly. All of the parcels are recorded in the global history(GHIS). You can use the GENTRA TRACK UNPACKER (VR-Editor/Run/Utilities) to get all of 100 parcels from GHIS.

zhao November 10, 2003 16:51

Re: beginner--GENTRA
Thanks a lot. The matter is, when I try to unpack part of those 100 tracks, there will be only one file generated named H00001 ( if H is the name of history file). After open this file, I found it has exactly the same content as the GHIS file. Is that due to my mistake or I misunderstand what said?

Thanks and sorry for the poor english.

xz November 11, 2003 10:04

Re: beginner--GENTRA
I give you the description about how to use unpacker here.

The unpacker assumes that the global history file("ghis") is exactly in your working folder. When you do unpacker,the single-character identifiers for the names of the individual history and trajectory files should be specified. Typing "none" will deactivate the production of one or other (or both) of the file types. If you only want to trajectory files,you may type "T none" to prevent creation of history files and to indicate that the name of the trajectory files are to commence with "T".

The particular tracks for which files are to be produced must be specified. These files can be specified by the individual track number(e.g. 3-4). Combinations of numbers and range up to a maximum of 20 inputs can be accepted (e.g. 1 3 5-7 10-12 14).

If trajectory files are produced, a GENUSE file which plots them will also be written.

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