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Jas November 10, 2003 07:41

PHOENICS 3.5 temperature calculation
The definition for Cp has been changed in PHOENICS 3.5, where internally it is defined by PHOENICS where T=(h-h_base)/Cp. By using our previous equation (prior to version 3.5) which is given by -(k/Cp).grad(h) for conduction term, we defined only the value of the term (k/Cp), now in PHOENICS 3.5, how can we calculate this k value? Do we need to calculate this value?

Thank you for any volunteer trying to help me.

Olof Liungman December 19, 2003 04:03

Re: PHOENICS 3.5 temperature calculation

I know very little about conduction but it seems to me that k is a "coefficient of conduction", similar to e.g. ENUT for turbulent diffusion. If so, is not k specific to the material in which the conduction is taking place? Is it not something you pick out of tables of material properties?

Correct me if I've misunderstood your question.


Jas January 15, 2004 07:11

Re: PHOENICS 3.5 temperature calculation
Thank you Olof.

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