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Phonics User November 26, 2003 08:24

PHOE 3.5 parallel solver
I wonder why parallel Phoe 3.5 pass over group 19 section 3 and section 6 several times (once by each solved variable, if I solve 4 variables, it pass 4 times on these sections). If I want to dump one value in a specified cell (for example, V1), it is printed many times. The problem is also that mathematical expression is worked out several times, and sometimes with different results. Is there anybody that could know what is happening?

Olof Liungman December 19, 2003 03:58

Re: PHOE 3.5 parallel solver

as for the repeated entry into different sections of GROUND I do not think this is specific to parallel P3.5. We have seen the same thing running e.g. sequential P2.1 and P3.2. However, we have not been able to figure out exactly what causes this behaviour but it seems to be linked to heavy computations (large grid, many varibles or something), i.e. the code for some reason does depeated iterations/sweeps in some cases. As for the mathematical expressions, this must be due to the arguments having changed between iterations.

A simple but crude solution is a counter or flag on which you can test if the current entry is a repeated entry or not (check, e.g., if the internal time has changed since the last entry or not, or if the iteration or sweep number has changed or not).


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